Queens of Reality TV

Kardashians enjoying The Hamptons sunshine

Kardashians enjoying The Hamptons sunshine

The Kardashians are undoubtedly the queens of reality TV. Not just right now, but ever. These people have  changed aspects of reality TV, social media and self endorsement. So what are they even famous for? Most people have no idea. Do they really do anything? Some may say its for Kim’s infamous “home video”…maybe its for Paris Hilton parading Kim around in her shadow for years. Who knows. What I do know is that these girls are smart. Yes I just said the Kardashian’s/ Jenner’s are smart. We don’t even know what these girls do for a living or how they got famous and they’re still making millions and millions of dollars! Their fame and fortune started with just their lives being filmed and hanging out with their family, to turing their last name into an empire. Makeup, haircare, clothes, nail polish- you name it they’ve done it. So I’ll ask again, what do they do? I think they’re brilliant business women… even though they don’t come off as such.

Kardashians Take the Hamptons

Last spring E! news announced where the next destination that the Kardashian’s would be “taking over.” The location was Southampton, New York… Wait a minute….I live there. The Kardashian’s are living in Southampton this summer? This should be interesting. Immediately after the announcement, I checked twitter to see what my friends from home thought of it. It was mixed reviews, but mostly people were not happy about it. Over the next few weeks, more and more uproar came up about trying to prevent them from filming in the upcoming summer. The main issue  people had with them coming is that residents were afraid of the crowd that the Kardashians would attract. If you know anything about “The Hamptons” (No one who lives there actually calls it the Hamptons, by the way) it is a very prestigious, quant, classy and very beautiful.

People were afraid that our quite little town would attract Jersey Shore-like people. Personally, I was pretty excited and thought if anything, it would bring more business to our local stores.  Despite all the debate, they still “took over.”

Fast forward to the beginning of Summer, I’m at work. Its an average day. Town is busy but we are not yet into the hectic weeks of summer. All of a sudden, I hear screams. Loud, terrifying spine tingling screams. You’d think that aliens had just landed and are ready to take over the town. I step outside the store to see what all the chaos is about. I learned there were no aliens. Just the Kardashians coming out of Intermix across the street. We have our first sighting.


Living where I do, I have had my fair share of celebrity sightings. But I have never seen anything like this. Swarms of people surrounded them. Every time they went in a store they had to close it to prevent other people from coming in and attacking them. These sightings happened every once in a while and it was interesting to say the least.

How did they act?

Any time I would see them,they looked very serious and not in the mood to take millions of selfless with strangers.One one hand, I understood why. Imagine people following you everywhere you go, taking pictures of you constantly. On the other hand, I thought they could be a bit more friendly and appreciate the fact that they have fans. It also bothered me that they didn’t pay for much. They didn’t pay for the house they rented. They didn’t pay for a majority of the meals. They didn’t pay rent for their pop-up store. As if they didn’t have the money, right?!

Viewing Time

Now its fall. Im back at school and the summer came and went with a few Kardashian spottings and multiple drive bys to check out their house. The season premier is almost here and I’m very excited to see how this plays out. Usually when the Kardashians take over somewhere, its a city. Southampton is a very small town, so I think it would be different than me getting excited about them coming if I had lived in say, Miami. It was really fun to watch the season with my friends here at school. It was a way for me to show them all the places I grew up going to. It was also really weird to see my hometown all over TV. Anyway, thats my two cents on the Kardashians. Love them or hate them, we all Keep Up With Them.

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