Jobs Of The Future

The overall point of this article was to show the booming industry of the online world. Specifically, the ideas of games generating billions of dollars. Specifically, in China. Games such as World of Warcraft is a virtual game that people emirs themselves in. They can create and essentially become these characters. These characters, just like people need “stuff.” In this car, the stuff is magic potions and weapons. However, real money is often paid for them, thus creating a huge business.

I thought this was an interesting read because it relates closely to topics of my blog. As you may or may not know, Kim Kardashian has an app available that allows her fans to virtually become part of her life. You can dress her up, take her out and about on the town and interact with virtual friends and family member of Kim. Like WoW, Kim has made millions of dollars off of this game.

This is just one example of how this industry has sky rocketed. There are plenty of other games that are following the path of WoW. This industry has created jobs, discovered new technologies and gave people of distraction from life, a way of having fun.

These days, online gaming isn’t limited to the computer or a consul. With smart phones always at an arms length distance, the online gaming business has allowed new innovating ideas and a fun way to waste some time. In addition, the market is spreading to other places than America, such as India and Africa. With this industry at its peak, it will be interesting where the gaming world can go from here.

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