Final Reflection

It is hard to believe another semester has come and gone. In this time, I have learned a lot about the online world. (I hope by reading this, you all have too.)

While there are many different definitions and examples of digital literacy, everyone has there own take on what it really means, and what is most important about it. To me, digital literacy embracing and building upon various technologies and platforms for communicating. This includes, and is not limited to: blogs, podcasts, videos, slideshows and social media. With these different platforms, it is important to know how to effectively use them.

Important Tools

One important digital literacy is ‘SEO’. SEO stands for search engine optimization. This means tagging your work, whatever it may be, so that when people search for that subject, the content you have produced will show up. As an avid Google user, this is extremely important. When someone Goggles subject material related to what you have produced, one would want their work to be near the top of the results. SEO allows this to happen.

Video editing is another important digital literacy. I think our generation is creative and more interested in visual learning. Therefore, the ability to produce and edit videos is something that can be beneficial. Videos can be used for marketing, educating, for fun and so on.. with all the interesting ways videos can be created, at least a basic knowledge of video editing is essential.

My third important digital literacy is “voice.” Everything we read online has a voice. These voices can be academic, witty, funny, creative and even boring. The voice that comes through on a blog or article is a determining factor in deciding if someone is going to read all of your blog or not. At first, finding your voice may be difficult. But like everything, practice makes perfect.

My Multimedia

Multimedia projects this semester have been both fun and stressful. A lot more work goes into these kinds of projects than I thought. When first setting up my blog, I was a little overwhelmed. It takes a while to get used to all the different ways to navigate around the site. Once I got used to it, blogging became fun. It is pretty cool to be able to find your “online voice.” Its like discovering a part of yourself you never knew existed. I know my blog is not perfect, but I am proud of it.

Videos were probably the biggest challenge in this class. Honestly, it is a lot harder than it looks. You can work for hours and hours on editing, only to have finished about 30 seconds to a minute of work. However, once you’re finished, it is a really great rewarding feeling. My favorite multimedia project was the group video I created with two other classmates, Laura and Hope. We discussed International Students at Furman, and I’m really happy with the results.

As far as improvements, I think there are fine details in all aspects of my multimedia that could be improved. Little details like making sure there are smooth transitions, having the highest quality photos, using the correct font etc. are all small things that improve the over all quality of the final products. This is definitely something I will pay extra attention to in the future.

Moving Forward

I am really excited to put to use all the tools I have learned in the “real world.” Before this class, I knew it was important to be able to navigate myself through different online technologies, but I never knew how important. These tools can be the deciding factor if someone gets a job or not.

I think I will successfully be able to use these tools in terms of advertising, marketing and branding myself at whatever company I may be apart of in the future. I can confidently say I now know how to post, edit, blog, and create much better than I thought I would have at the begging of this class. I encourage you all to try to do the same!

Until next time,


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