I’ve created this blog primarily for the use of my Digital Communications class. I’ll be giving feedback for various readings throughout the semester and will display multimedia projects; it is my hope that this blog will help not only me, but anyone reading this to better understand the importance of digital communications.

In addition to feedback regarding ¬†different in class elements, I will be writing about something that I like to do in my free time -watch horrible reality TV. Love it, hate it, or love to hate it- we’ve all been exposed to these mindless TV concepts. As I grow a “connection” with these characters on TV, I notice more and more about them- specifically their fashion choices and the overall wardrobe of the show.There is a great deal that goes into the production of reality TV- Individual motives, exposure, location, “plot” etc. Each aspect is fundamental to a successful TV show.Although reality TV may be painful for some to watch, I hope I can allow readers to look at what they see on TV a little differently after reading some of my posts. I hope you all have fun thinking a little deeper into these simple concepts!